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Discover Mediterranean Food in the Heart of Belgrade

At Nomad Bar & Bistro, we are committed to serving only the highest quality Mediterranean food. Our menu is inspired by the cuisine of over 23 countries including Italian, Greek, Lebanese, and Moroccan. We also include a few inspired by our time working in the best restaurants the US has to offer.

We Always Use Quality Ingredients In Our Dishes

We source the majority of our ingredients from businesses and markets right here in Vračar and the surrounding areas. Not only does this mean we can find the best and freshest ingredients, we can reduce our impact on the environment and support the local economy.

Our Most Popular Dishes

Visitors to Nomad Bar & Bistro love our dishes but we do have a few that have gained a bit of a cult following. Here are a few recommendations to try during your next visit:

Nomad burger under smoke dome

Not only is the Nomad burger under smoke a massive hit with our social media followers thanks to the dramatic reveal of the meal, it’s also one of our most ordered menu items. From the amazing aroma of the smoke, to the mouth-wateringly delicious ribeye burger and the moreishly good fries that accompany it, this is the perfect comfort food at any time of year! 

New York Style Cheesecake

One of our signature dishes, the New York inspired cheesecake is the perfect way to end any meal. Creamy and delicious cheesecake with a crumbly, delicate base is finished with a sweet, tangy homemade raspberry sauce for a totally indulgent treat.  

new york cheesecake

Shrimp risotto

It doesn’t get much more Mediterranean than a hearty dish of perfectly cooked and seasoned risotto, including the luxurious flavours of shrimp, prawn, cranberry, and parmesan. The dish is finished with arugula (rocket) and an extra shrimp for decoration.